Yahoo Web Hosting Features that Make it a Good Choice

If you have been looking for a web hosting company, you should seriously consider hosting with Yahoo. Whether you run a small business or a very large one or whether you need a reliable web hosting company for a new blog that you plan to start, Yahoo web hosting is a reputed company offering high quality services at low and affordable prices. There are many features that Yahoo web hosting comes with and you can get all of these for a low price. From time to time Yahoo also run special offers and introduces discount coupons that you can use to save on their set of free or get a discount on their already low prices.

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Tools to create your website even for the inexperienced user

There are many tools that Yahoo Web hosting offers that will help you build your website even if you have no prior experience in creating websites. This alone will save you the hundreds of dollars that you may otherwise have spent on hiring a professional web designer. This also ensures that you have complete control over your website and do not have to depend on someone else to update or take care of your website. You can choose from hundreds of web design templates that Yahoo offers. By doing this you ensure that your website has a professional look and leaves a lasting impact on the visitors and customers. Having a website that is of the same standard as that of very large companies, helps you stand out and gives you an edge over the competition. Even if you're creating your own website from scratch using Macromedia Dreamweaver or Microsoft FrontPage, you can still use the tools offered by Yahoo to create a website. They also support FrontPage extensions in case you use Microsoft FrontPage.

Technical Support

Having a reliable and dependable technical support team to turn to is as important as having quality web hosting. In case you have a pressing question that you need answered immediately it is comforting to know that Yahoo offers 24-7 toll-free phone support. You can call them any time of day or night and get help from them. You can also send an e-mail and get replies to it promptly. Yahoo has a very exhaustive knowledge base on its website that you can access. You can also get support by e-mail if you prefer. There are many video tutorials that can help you get started with your services.

Personalized email addresses

Yahoo web hosting offers personalized e-mail addresses. You can create up to 1000 e-mail accounts personalized with your own domain name. Each e-mail account will have 2 GB of disk space for sending and receiving e-mail. There are various antispam and antivirus software to help you manage your e-mail effectively. Their e-mail accounts are compliant with all POP3 email clients including Outlook express, Thunderbird, Eudora and other e-mail clients.

Starting a blog with Yahoo web hosting

If you have wanted to start blogging online that Yahoo Web hosting offers the ability to create a WordPress blog. WordPress is one of the most popular platforms for blogging online and you can start a blog using this software even if you have no experience in creating websites of starting blogs. With just a few clicks you can get started. Blogging can be a very useful tool even if you run a business. It can help you stay in touch with your existing customers and influence prospective customers to turn into buyers.

Register your domain for free

Yahoo web hosting lets you register your domain name for free. When it comes up for renewal after a period of a year you can renew it for a nominal fee. The cost of a domain name for a year is usually around $10. Yahoo web hosting also lock your domain name to prevent it from being hijacked by cyber criminals. Unless you specifically approve the transfer of your domain name it will not be transferred due to this locking system. This is for the safety and security of their own domain name.

Unlimited disk space and data transfer plus free ad vouchers worth $150

Yahoo web hosting comes with unlimited disk space, unlimited data transfer, unlimited MySQL databases and PHP 5 support. You also get free advertising vouchers of $100 from Yahoo search marketing and $50 from Google AdWords. Considering that the Yahoo web hosting plan costs only $7.46 a month, these ad vouchers more than pay for the cost of hosting your website. All of these features make Yahoo web hosting a full featured hosting that's hard to resist!