Yahoo Web Hosting - Web sites for Home Business

Starting a home business can be a great step to launching a major enterprise that can generate a lot of revenue and lead to greater success in your career. You may never have started a home business before and maybe doing so because you can't get out of home due to some reason such as having to look after the kids or it could be because you want to save on the expenses of running a full-fledged office. Bootstrapping a new business or starting it on a shoestring budget is very common.

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The last thing you need is to run up your operating costs by signing up for a very expensive web hosting company. At the same time quality web hosting is very important. If you hand out your business cards with your URL printed on them, to potential customers you want to be sure that your website will be online when one of them decides to visit it. If it is down you could lose out on a potential sale or even worse, leave a poor impression on someone who may otherwise have bought from you. On such occasions the few dollars saved mean nothing. What a small business owner really requires is quality web hosting at affordable prices. Yahoo Web hosting is just that. It gives you the comfort of knowing that you're dealing with a major company with huge resources at their disposal. There are many advantages to signing up for Yahoo Web hosting.

You need to have your own domain name when you Create a website. This usually costs $10 or so. With Yahoo small business hosting you get your domain name for free when you sign up. You also have the ability to manage the DNS yourself and lock the domain name. Managing the DNS yourself means that if you ever decide to move from Yahoo Web hosting to some other web host, all you need to do is upload your website to the new location, modify the DNS or the domain nameservers and you're done! Locking the domain name is a safety feature to prevent your domain from being hijacked by someone else. Unless you specifically authorize the transfer of the domain name it will not be moved to someone requesting a transfer to them.

Yahoo Web hosting offers an array of web design templates that you can choose from when you create your website. You don't need to be a pro or a technical wizard to create your website. All the tools available in Yahoo Web hosting are very user-friendly and easy to use even for people who have no experience of creating websites. You can create your website with the Yahoo webpage creation tool that they offer without having to learn anything about creating websites. Yahoo Web hosting also offers e-commerce solutions that can be useful to you if you decide to sell products online. It is possible to keep track of inventory in real-time with Yahoo merchant solutions. It is simple to integrate Yahoo merchant solutions within your Yahoo Web hosti0ng account.

In case you need help or guidance when creating a website with Yahoo Web hosting, you can get in touch with the support personnel of Yahoo. Yahoo offer support via e-mail and a toll-free number. This support is available 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Already to do is get in touch with them and they'll guide you with any aspect of creating a website, marketing it, analyzing the visitor statistics or with any billing queries that you have.

You can have as many e-mail accounts as you want with Yahoo Web hosting. They let you create up to 1000 e-mail accounts personalize with your domain name. This can be helpful if you want to project your home business as being professional and large. You can have e-mail accounts for sales, billing, help and other functions. All of these e-mail accounts can be separately accessed with their own passwords or if you want can be redirected to a single account at your domain name, at Yahoo mail, Gmail or wherever you want. Some people perceive home businesses as being not so professional and having personalized e-mail accounts as you build your image in the eyes of prospective customers. With Yahoo business mail you can get antivirus protection. You can check your Yahoo business mail online or you can configure it in an e-mail client such as Outlook express, Eudora, Thunderbird or any such e-mail client.

Yahoo Web hosting with the various features it offers, it's helpful support personnel, inexpensive price and high quality of hosting is a good option for a person who's starting a home business.