Should you Sign up with Yahoo Small Business Web Hosting to Host your Website?

If you're searching for a web hosting company to host your website you're likely to be presented with hundreds of hosting companies with various plans and offers. Within these you'll find many companies that advertise hosting for as little as $5 a month. These companies pitch themselves as budget or economy web hosts. Many small business owners are tempted by their deceptively low prices to sign up with them.

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To be fair to them some of them do offer a reasonable deal and a fair number of features. However what makes Yahoo Small Business web hosting stand head and shoulders above the competition is their ability to offer more features and value-added offers than any other web hosting company. This, along with the reliability of hosting with a reputed company like Yahoo makes it a no-brainer to choose them to host a website.

Why choosing a lesser web host may work against you

Small-business owners like to keep their costs low. So price is always an important consideration. There is nothing wrong with this except that price should not be the only factor you take into account when deciding on a web host. While Yahoo Small Business Web hosting offers their services at a very low price the reasons for choosing them are many apart from the price factor. A key aspect of web hosting is the ability to offer maximum uptime. Smalltime web hosting companies simply do not have the resources to be able to offer uptime guarantees. Even if they make such claims invariably sooner or later you'll have a day or two when your website goes off-line. If your website is down for even two days in the year than any savings you make in choosing a less expensive web host are more than nullified. In fact you may end up with lost sales or profits of hundreds to thousands of dollars depending on the scale of your business in such a situation. It's just not worth it to save $2 a month and have the risk of downtime. If you run a serious business you need a reliable web hosting company. They should be non-negotiable and a must-have on your list of requirements when choosing a web host. Yahoo Small Business web hosting is a suitable choice on all counts.

Unlimited web hosting

After your website is online you will want to keep it updated, make changes to it, add pages and information and maybe even add audio and video files or PDF documents. As your business grows so will your requirements of file storage and disk space. As more and more visitors come to your website you will use up more and more data transfer. Many small web hosting companies will at this point try to talk you into upgrading to a higher plan claiming that you are using more resources. With Yahoo Small Business web hosting and their hosting plans you have unlimited disk space available and unlimited data transfer. You will never be harassed into upgrading to a higher plan simply because your website has grown in size or attracts than earlier. Yahoo small business understands the requirements of entrepreneurs and small-business owners. You're never going to find your website off-line or slow. This in itself is a very valuable feature. If you give out your business card to an important prospective customer at a party and the next morning he decides to visit your website you can be sure that your website will be accessible. If you place an advertisement in a trade journal and have thousands of people coming to your website, you don't have to worry that your website won't be able to handle it. In such situations the reliability that Yahoo Small Business web hosting gives you $9 is worth hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales and reputation.

Independently Manage your Website

Yahoo small business web hosting gives you the freedom and the capability to create your website yourself without the need to get an expert web designer or IT professional. The design tools and wizards that Yahoo Small Business offers let you build your own website with professional and impressive web design templates from Yahoo. You can choose from hundreds of these designs and customize them to meet your requirements. There are even designs that are themed according to the industry. You can keep updating your website as frequently as you want without having to retain a professional for this purpose.

Yahoo Small Business Web Hosting and it’s Low Price

Web hosting solutions offered by Yahoo are available at a very low price. Consider that their unlimited plan costs only $9 per month. Along with all the features that Yahoo offers you also get free ad vouchers of $150 that you can use to advertise on Yahoo search marketing and Google. There is no setup fee when you sign up with Yahoo. They also provide 24-7 toll-free phone support, e-mail support and an exhaustive knowledge base online including video tutorials. All the features that they offer coupled with the reliability and quality associated with Yahoo make their web hosting plan an excellent choice.