Pooja Bhatt

- Vikram Chandiramani 

Pooja Bhatt was a fat and not so attractive shadow of what she once was. In her first film 'Daddy'. She was only seventeen when her father, ace filmmaker, Mahesh Bhatt introduced her to the celluloid world with 'Daddy'. This young girl with an attitude seemed to have views on everything. From making innocuous statements on Indian policy to radical justifications on premarital sex, Pooja Bhatt became an avoidable irritant to the bindi-smeared women of our country.

So the outrageous daughter of her outrageous father was in the news more for her shocking statements and rumoured affairs than screen performances. "Without trying to sound diplomatic, I have absolutely nothing to say. It does not make a difference to me. I don't need to get affected by anybody," she says.

Most of the films Pooja did were home productions like Phir Teri Kahani Yaad Aayee, Dil Hai Ke Maanta Nahin and Junoon but it was apparent that, like in JP Dutta’s Border, she didn’t get the role of her choice.

Pooja was never happy with the way her career was going and the restriction imposed on her lifestyle because of appearance in front of camera. She always wanted to let go and live life on her terms. She could do it only as a producer and director. Initially she produced some off beat films that had her imprint as they were women oriented. Dushman had Kajol in a double role; Tamanna was about a girl child and how a eunuch brings her up (Pooja herself played the role) or Paap. Pooja Bhatt is married to Munish Makhija, best known for playing 'Udham Singh', a fictional character on Channel V. They own a restaurant and bar in Goa and are settled in a village in Maharashtra where they're building a resort.