Pooja Batra

- Vikram Chandiramani 

Pooja Batra hit the headlines as one of the girl friends of Rahul Mahajan but before that she was low profile.

Pooja, then a beautiful model, was known more as Akshay Kumar's girl. They gave together interviews and were splashed in film glossies. Then they split up. Akshay went on to acquire a reputation for affairs and engagement rings, and Pooja sulked.

The sulk disappeared when she found the publicity she had received during Akshay days coming to her rescue. She signed films. Some had reservations about her tall frame and slightly conventional looks but the modern day viewer happily accepts new faces.

`Virasat` saw her coming in form as the westernized girl opposite Tabu's Indian looks. In an industry that measures you with the hits, Pooja is nowhere near the top as her later films `Bhai`, `Shyam Ghanshyam` and `Saazish` were failures. But `Haseena Maan Jayegi` helped and `Viraasat` with Anil Kapoor did attract a lot of attention and some appreciation. She also worked in Akbar Khan's 'Taj Mahal'  which was a washout.

Pooja Batra is married to an orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Sonu Ahluwalia, and lives in Los Angeles, USA.