Manisha Koirala

The Daughter of one of the powerful political families of Nepal, Manisha is now one of the three serious contenders to the top actress position. She began her career with Subhash Ghai's, 'Saudagar', and by the time the film was complete, she had antagonised the Ghai camp so badly that her growth could have been stymied. Fortunately for her, she survived purely because she had signed a few other films when 'Saudagar' was in the making. "It is very difficult for me to give up.Push me in a corner and I'll bounce back in double time," she defies. In the beginning, according to her, subconsciously she was trying to find a base for herself. "And I found it difficult to convince people that I genuinely worked hard, because everyone had a preconceived idea of what kind of a person I was. It was very difficult for me to bow down and explain that. Besides, I don't like giving explanations because I know I am right."

At the onset, everything seemed to have gone wrong. Her films were doing badly, yet she was flooded with offers. Her career chart may not show a single hit on her own merit, still she is a serious contender for the top slot today thanks to her will-power and determination.And having worked with the top directors of the country like Mani Rathnam, Vinod Chopra, Mahesh Bhatt and Mansoor Khan, Manisha Koirala has managed to make an indelible mark in the industry.

However, rumours of her unprofessionalism seem to make the rounds in the industry. "Whoever has been talking this shit about me now is fibbing. I'm very serious about my career. I go out of my way to co-operate with my filmmakers. I don't like the idea of people telling me what to do. I hate to be governed by anybody. People are so complexed and insecure about themselves that to cover up for themselves, they sit and malign others. I know a lot of actresses who sit and booze in steel glasses and deny any knowledge about how or what alcohol tastes like.They get away scot-free. Only I get spotted at some disc or party having a great time and am immediately labelled a drunk. It's unfair."

Her offbeat romance with Nana Patekar was only one of the many relationships that distracted her from serious work. Her relationships and life style affected her looks too. The beauty we saw in Love Story 1942 gave way to a tired looking Manisha Koirala in Mann, and later slightly over weight woman in Ek Chotisi Love Story.

The career of this girl from Nepal might have come full circle from Love Story to Chhotisi Love Story but Manisha does work. She is also into production, has produced films and may continue doing so.