- Vikram Chandiramani 

Tabu is today one of the established and seasoned actresses we have in the industry. Considering the fact that when she started out she was stuck with Boney Kapoor's film 'Prem', her career never seemed to take off, she has come miles from where she was.    

She signed her debut film when she was just eleven, 'Hum Naujawan' by Dev Anand. Though the film gave her a break, it didn't help boost her career in any way. "I was too young to understand anything. I didn't even concentrate on the film because it was hampering my studies. I did the film just for the heck of it and because it was associated with Dev Anand.

Her portfolio has such a wide variety that it seems surprising that a relatively new actress could do all those diverse roles. If she had a 'Saajan Chale Sasural', a 'Jeet' and a 'Himmat', she also had classics like 'Maachis', 'Kala Pani' and Mani Rathnam's 'Anandam'.

And with so many successful films to her credit Tabu is today one of the sought-after actresses in the industry. "I have never believed in getting tagged as a serious heroine or a frivolous one. I don't know whether the audience is comfortable seeing me in different roles. But as an actress I feel I should be versatile and able to do any and every role. I am not bothered about the length of the role or even my costumes for that matter. I am an actress and I am here to act."

On the personal side, her six-year-old relationship with Sanjay Kapoor ended as disastrously as their first film together. Later, for a brief period, Tabu found solace in Aditya Panscholi. She was dragged out of the relationship by her sister before it was too late. At this point of time Tabu decided to concentrate more on her work and nothing else. But, not for too long. During the shooting of `Jeet`, she fell in love with the maker of the film, Sajid Nadiadwala, and decided to marry to him but also said, "I am in no hurry." Once again, the relationship turned sour and Tabu came close to Nagarjuna.

Tabu has been linked with Nagarajuna in the recent past too and is believed to be looking after his business interests.

Like has happened to most actresses, these relationships have helped her grow as an actress. Tabu's last major release was 'Cheeni Kum' where she was paired opposite Amitabh Bachchan. The movie, made on a small budget, did reasonably well in major cities but has failed in smaller centers.