Reliance Infrastructure Fund NFO Form Download and Review - Reliance Mutual Fund

Reliance Infrastructure Fund is a new fund offer from reliance mutual fund. This is an open-ended equity scheme that will be investing in infrastructure companies. Most of these will be large-cap companies while some may be mid-caps, in the infrastructure industry.

Update: Reliance Infrastructure NFO is now closed but you can still buy the Reliance Infrastructure mutual fund at the prevailing NAV (Net Asset Value).

Click here to download the Reliance Infrastructure mutual fund form in .PDF format. This is a common application form and can be used for any Reliance Mutual Fund scheme.

[This form requires a PDF viewer that can be downloaded for free here. This will take a minute. Double click on the file to run it. The PDF viewer will open. View the Reliance Infrastructure NFO form in this and print  Page 1 and Page 2 using any printer.] 

After printing out the form, fill it out, attach your cheque and submit it at any Reliance Mutual Fund service center, Reliance Mutual Fund branch or Reliance overseas offices. You can even send it to them by courier.

Is it the right time to invest in a mutual fund like the Reliance infrastructure fund NFO?

Following the result of the 2009 general elections the stock market has gone up substantially in India. Over the last three months the Sensex has jumped by 80%. Despite this rally there are many opportunities that remain in the stock market. Billions of dollars have been poured into the Indian markets by foreign institutional investors over the last few weeks. Not surprisingly the dollar has dipped to around 47 rupees after hitting a high of 52+ earlier this year. Indications are that there is a lot of money waiting to be invested in Indian stocks. The recent run-up is very difficult for many hedge funds, foreign investors and mutual funds to buy stocks at reasonable price. Many mutual funds like Morgan Stanley and investment stalwarts like Mark Mobius have talked of very high targets for the Sensex over the next year or two. The targets spoken about by significantly from 19,500 to as high as 25,000. In this scenario mutual fund houses like reliance mutual fund are better equipped as compared to the retail investor to make money from investing in stocks.

Until March this year most mutual funds had reported a poor performance. Since then there have been increasing gains in the NAVs of most major mutual funds. From the signs of it, then next year to two years will continue to see a lot of money flowing in the Indian stock markets. So far only between 5 to 10% of the investment in an average American portfolio was being made in emerging markets. Lately there has been the view that India and China, in that order, are all set to outperform most other Western countries when it comes to economic growth. In another 20 years the two countries with the largest population may well leave major powers like USA and UK in the dust. Infrastructure remains a key sector for investment. Over the next 20 years a lot of money is going to be allocated by the Indian government towards improving infrastructure across the country especially the rural areas where the vote banks of the Indian politicians lie. From an economic development standpoint too, this would make sense if it were not for the opportunistic politics of debt waivers. In the budget that is coming up in July, the government is expected to announce several infrastructure schemes to develop rural India and also give a boost to infrastructure investment. All of this will mean that infrastructure companies will be on the buy list of every fund manager in the country.

Reliance infrastructure fund comes at an opportune time as the NFO will close barely a week before the Indian budget is announced. Indications are that reliance will mop up anywhere between 4000 and 6000 crores with this NFO. Most of the earliest mutual fund schemes of reliance have outperformed many other mutual fund schemes. Reliance mutual fund manages a corpus of 100,000 crores across all its mutual fund schemes. While many investors invest in new fund offers because they are priced at 10 rupees instead of a higher NAV, there are several other more rational reasons reliance infrastructure fund may be a good pick. For one the infrastructure boom story is far from over. A lot of new money is expected to come in over the next one year from FIIs, mutual funds, financial institutions and even local HNIs who haven't been able to push in all their money yet. Given their track record, financial clout and management, reliance mutual fund is well-equipped to manage your money.

While the last month has seen the stock market go up substantially, it cannot go up all the time and occasionally hiccups can be expected. If you would like to ride the infrastructure boom and are willing to be patient with your investments, the reliance infrastructure fund may be a good option to consider.