Former Prime Minister Chandrashekhar dead

Former Prime Minister Chandrashekhar died today morning at 8:45 am, battling cancer. He was 80.

Chandrashekhar, a Lok Sabha member of parliament from Balia district in Uttar Pradesh was suffering from bone cancer and was being treated for over two months at the Indraprastha Apollo Hospital.

Chandrashekhar was a leader of the Samajwadi Janata Party (Rashtriya). Dr.Manmohan Singh had visited him on Saturday night and spent some time with him.

Chandrashekhar brought down the V P Singh government in 1990, backed by Rajiv Gandhi, ex PM and leader of the Congress party. Political analysts believed that Rajiv Gandhi would eventually withdraw support to the Chandrashekhar led government. This didn't stop Chandashekhar from forming an alliance with the Congress and coming to power. Seven months later the Congress withdrew support forcing Chandrashekhar to resign and announcing general elections.
Rajiv Gandhi was assasinated during an election campaign soon therafter.