Apply online for birth certificates and BMC promises home delivery

Whenever the need arises of obtaining a birth certificate for whatever reason does the thought give you a headache and nightmarish visions of you making of endless rounds of the municipal office?

All this is soon going to be a thing of the past as the Mumbai mucicipal body Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation  plans to courier the document to you within 48 hours of an online application.

Unbelievable but true it is. The BMC has reportedly said that the initiative is part of their e-governance programme. They have teamed up with the postal department to send the certificates via courier and also tied up with some banks which will accept the payment.

All you need to do is pay online when your order a birth certificate. As of now the BMC has a tie up with the State Bank Of India and the UTI Bank for the purpose.

To begin with online applications will be accepted only for those born after 1995 as the data of only this period has been entered till now. More updates of the remaining years are expected soon.

BMC will charge Rs 10 per copy for the birth certificates. The courier charge is still to be decided.