Why does Aman Verma hate Rajat Sharma?

Mumbai: At the very mention of the name of Rajat (India TV) Sharma, Aman Verma fumes at his mouth and, we are sure, if he spotted Rajat in his neighbourhood Aman would bash him up.

He has all the reason to be sore. If Aman Sharma (a very bad imitation of Dilip Kumar) is almost unemployed today the reason is Rajat Sharma and his TV channel India TV. Remember the sting operation of India TV in which a girl called Ruchi trapped him into casting couch controversy.

Bollywood actor Shakti Kapoor too was trapped in the same sting operation. There were rumours about a lot of Bollywood celebrities being trapped in this sting operation but, as the rumours go, pressure tactics worked and Rajat aborted the sting campaign.

Shakti Kapoor and Aman Verma were the only two red faces. Shakti was in the bad books of a lot of people because of his loose talk about several big names and yet he survived. In fact, Kapoor went on to become busier than he ever was. Some say seducing girls became easier for him after the notoriety that came his way due to Ruchi episode.

Analysing the different fate of the two, Shakti Kapoor and Aman Verma, a film producer told Parinda that such controversies help the folks in Bollywood, even add glamour to their image but work against them in the staid world of TV. Aman Verma had no image except the character he played on the small screen. But Shakti Kapoor had an image of an actor, comedian, villain…he was Shakti Kapoor and sting operation worked for him.

He added, “As for the entrants in the industry, I can say categorically that even the acting schools educate the acting students about the phenomenon of casting couch in Bollywood and tell them to be ready for it.”

Perhaps this is why the mild mannered Aman Verma suffered a major setback. Once a highly paid actor on TV, playing Meher in Balaji serial Kyon ke saas bhi kabhi bahu thi and several others, Verma today has only one TV serial and is struggling to get roles in films.