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Banner: Daxna Films
Producer: Deepak Sawant
Director: Abhishek
Music: Ashk Ghayal

October 21, 2006

Thakur Vljay Singh (Amitabh Bachchan) and Savitri (Hem a Malinl) live in a village along with their son Ranjit (Ajay Sharma) and a servant Bajrangi (Manoj Tiwari). In the same village lives Shankar (Ravi Kissen). One day Shankar saves Ganga (Naghma) from a goonda of a nearby village and he falls for her. On the other hand, Thakur is upset due to his son Ranjit's waywardness. Thakur wishes his son to get married to Ganga. But due to a conflict during the marriage, Ganga prefers to walk out out. She immediately weds Shankar. A humiliated Ranjlt decides to get even with. Ganga. He misbehaves with Ganga and Shankar. Enraged by Ranjit's wild ways, the Thakur shoots his son himself.

Despite such acting heavyweights, the film falters due to weak story and frail screenplay. Dialogue could have been more forceful. The character of Manoj Tiwari looks forced into the story. The length of the film is inordinately long. Musically, one song picturised on Ravi and Naghma In London does not go well with the flow of the narration. The producer and the director have relied too heavily on the cast, but that could not help the film's cause.

Production values are richer than ever seen In a Bhojpuri film. Technlcally, It should have been better. Performancewise, Amitabh excels despite limited scope to perform. Hema Malini has nothing much to do. Ravi Kissen and Naghma do competent job. Manoj Tiwari has limited scope but does well. Ajay Sharma's villainy is cardboard. Directorlally, Abhishek fails to create any Impact. The final product fails on this enterprise. At the Box office, It is a below-average fare.

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