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Reliance India Mobile review


More than one week passed after submission (This is consecutive submission) of my documents of identity and residence proof to the concerned (local) agent/ office. But still my mobile is dead. There is no response to this concern at all.

- Ashok Topgi

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I was a post paid customer from March04.I have given application for conversion to prepaid at RCL Ashoknagar on 13.12.06 and paid Rs.3925 in cash for bills.I was told I will get message in my mobile in 2 days after which I was to pay the prepaid card charges. I visited your Ashoknagar office number of times and do not get a proper reply. Kindly arrange for the conversion to prepaid early.


My outgoing was barred witout any reason. All says we are not responsible & are unanswerable. I want to know who is responsible.

-Md Sarfaraz

The most worse customer service one can ever thought. Reliance web worlds are like LALAJI KI DUKAN not at all concerned with the problem of customer. The server of all the web worlds of reliance are always down. The best excuse reliance employees have.

- Anil Diler

Am fully satisfied with the service of rim. I wish company may live long. Our entire family are RIM family.

- Raju Bhowmick

Customer Executives are like appointed from some lower category or from chawls they dont bother about customers they are worst than govt. employees they are not willig to work out for the customers every time they did wrong things. Even after giving feedbacks nth no, of times there is not a single call from the management.

-Pranay Tulsyan

Reliance internet is slower than the snailmail. A bad way of charging Rs 30 per hour when the thing doesnt even crawl. Reliance World employees are a disinterested lot.


I have purchased reliance phone for the first time and the experience was bitter. They disconnected the phone saying no documents received, and even after repeated submission of documents the phone never got activated. Then I have involved bigbazar authorities (I bought phone from big bazar) and finaly it got activated and I was happy. But to my surprise again it got deactivated and the reason was the documents. Reliance customer care say that they did not received any documents from R-world and R-world says that they sent the documents. Now whom to believe. Now I have realized that I am not the only guy who has repeatedly submitted documents, but there are other fellows who has already done this for atleast 5 or 6 times. The customer care is another worst experience which I want to forget for ever. Reliance is loosing customer focus which means they will loose market share very soon!

- Rajesh Nair

Hi! Im trying to switch my connection to reliance. In sec. I saw the complaints of customers on list makes me wanna change my mind. Otherwise im very fasinated. Can anybody suggest?

- Debbie

I bought one b/w mobile this year february 12th. Unfortunately repaired during raining. Vasavi Electronics(AUTHORISED LG SERVICE ENGR IN TIRUPUR), neglected and sumbit me 1 report, the total board has to change. Mobile cost is Rs.2499.00 only. They are asking to change board cost only RS. 1644.00. Just think, who will change the board for this mobile for Rs.1644.00. Now same reliance just for ,Rs.1400.00, mobile available. Are they think to throw out the handset, within 1 year?

- VSD.Janaarthanan

Reliance mobile services are good but cdma mobile rate is very high. And the result is reliance mobile is top of the world. best of luck ur future. ok bye

- Kamran

Reliance sabse bakwaas service provide karta hai, main pichle 2 yr se isko use kar raha tha mera credit bill 2000 rs per month tha phir bhi wo log mera std facility har 15 din baad band kar dete the even main pura bill jama kar chuka hun tab bhi, aur maine har month kam se kam 5 baar bill details ke liye complain kiya tab bhi mujhe bill detail nahi mila aur har baar wo apni marzi se bill bhejte gaye aur main pay karta raha. aap longon ke liye ek salah hai dnt go for reliance

- Dhananjay Singh

The tariff is very good and the service that Reliance provides is the best rather than any other services. But We wish we could view the bill on the net that would have been great

- Ophelia A

Reliance really sucks it has all foolish employees in the world the system itself is a big trash

- Prasad

Reliance really sucks big time...its not even a month that i purchased a new cell phone of reliance and the problem started....i cant make a call or receive a call... i have visited service station twice, reliance web world thrice and reliance customer care atleast 10 times but none of them can find a solution..still the problem is not solved...the biggest mistake one will ever do is do business with reliance whether it is mobile or electricity (electricity bills hiked by 40%) or petrol (Rs.2 more than avg standard)...never ever deal with reliance hence forth..a suggestion from the bottom of heart..and if u still do ur business with reliance then god help u...

- Sushil Darveshi

Reliance mobile can be recharged only in reliance office, which is not always near by. Duplicate recharger vouchers experienced.

- Bhagyashree

I am using a RIM Prepaid mobile. I had problem in the balance & I have been enquiring for the past 1 week. The response from customer care is very bad. Ex:My account balance has been debitted for reason of sending more messages which is the fault on my side. But my account is being debitted till date. I have confirmed the balance amount tobe debitted as Rs.26.50 from Customer care and hence recharged with a Topup card for Rs.100. The balance after the said amount shoulb be Rs.63.50. But the balance was 10 paisa only. Then I called to Customer care again on 19th Sep 2006 and I was said that the pending amount is still Rs.10 which was confirmed tome by Anitha madam. I again recharged with Rs.50 topup card on the same day, but still the balance reduced to 10 paisa the next day morning ie.20th Sep 2006.( Today ). From today morning I have been continuosly speaking to Costomer care officers namely Eugin,Aswini & Sushma. The reply from them are the same I have been experiencing for the past 10 days that the system is being updated so please call after one hour. First of all getting connected to Customer care takes even upto 45 Minutes,the reply from them is the same updation problem. On 18th Sep I tried for 45 Minutes couldn't get connected. Today ( 20th Sep2006 ) I tried for about 25 Min in the afternoon & I just cut offthe line because I had my work at office. According to the first pending balance said to me I have been debitted Rs.108 additionaly.Still when i spoke to sushma at 3pm today, she asked me to call after 3 hours. WHAT IS THE END RESULT FOR THIS? PLEASE CONFIRM AT THE EARLIEST.

- C Ravi Kumar

Reliance has blocked my services since around 2 months now.I have visited reliance webworld atleast 50 times since then, and even after giving all required documents around 1 month back, my services havent yet started. There is no way one can recommend reliance to customers. Atleast my experience has taught me this. Its as if they just want the bills paid even without giving services for as many days as they wish to!

- Aarushi

I like Reliance tariffs for STD. Saves me money calling intra city.

- Maruti

I get calls from Reliance Customer Care Centre Every month requesting me to pay the bill before Due Date .Why? what right they have to call me and say to pay the bill the statement indicates the due date for paying the Bill and by chance if I pay the bill a day late they do not leave the penelaty for the late payment.Till Now I have paid all the Bill On time they should see first their records and call those customers who always pay their bills late and should stop harassing those persons who always pay their bills before due date Expires.

- Pradeep Arora

Do not go for International roaming in Relience. No one knows the tariff and you will get a real shock when your bill comes. As usual the reliance web world guys are dumb and they do not know and they will not bother. Be careful once again with reliance international roaming

-Bashyam Kalyanaraman

Reliance India Mobile really sucks bigtime. Reliance has the largest army of illiterates working for them in tech support. Sometimes Reliance won't send you a bill for months. On other occasions you'll get over billed!

- Atul Bhave

Reliance mobile calls me up and makes me listen to tape recorded reminders even before I have got the bill in hand. They typically go 'Yeh call Reliance se hai'..(This call is from Reliance) and quite uncannily right in the middle of a meeting or something important.

- Meena Shah

SMS messages sent from from Reliance mobile phones get delayed by upto 3 hours! Horrible! Try sending a message from a friend's phone to your own to try this out before you pay.

- Nazir Ahmed

I like their tariffs for STD. Saves me money calling intra city.

- Pallavi

Reliance webworld employees are as dumb as they come. They invariably give you canned answers.

- Savio D'souza

Phone tariffs are a big sham. You pay more than you expected, almost always.

- Vijay Gandhi

I switched from BPL to Reliance Infocomm to save money and I realised you get what you pay for. BPL and Orange are both a hundred times better than Reliance. Never tried Tata, so can't comment on them.

- Mahesh Kukreja

Reliance WebWorld are an extremely poor show. If you go for a new organisational connectivity, they will make you run for months or at least weeks and finally you will like to go to some other service provider. If you go for refill voucher (Rs.1100 or above), you may never get it. In a nutshell, it is monopoly of sorts.

- SN Ojha

Reliance Mobile people send too many reminders for paying your bill They'll call you up and you'll hear a tape recorded message. Then someone from Reliance Mobile will call you personally in half an hour. Then they'll send you half a dozen SMS messages. Reliance Mobile is crap!

- Manisha Bhatia

SMS messages sent through Reliance mobile can take as long as six hours to reach. I sent an SMS to my wife through my Reliance phone that I was in a meeting and would be delayed. Then switched it off. She didn't get the SMS and was worried sick! When I reached home at 11 pm she had been calling up my colleagues to know where I was. She finally got my SMS message when we were having dinner at 11:30!! Reliance mobile is unbelievably inefficient!!

- Arun Chadha

Reliance Mobile is cheap if you want to make STD calls but now every mobile service is about the same. Tata Indicom is as cheap as Reliance Mobile.

- Usha Desai

Reliance Mobile saves a lot of money. It is cheaper than Tata and BPL.

- Vivek

I get so many commercial SMS messages throughout the day offering everything from home loans to free flight tickets, it's really annoying. Reliance Mobile People will call you at odd times reminding you to pay the bill and most often it will be a recorded message.

- Arvind Patel

The people who work for Reliance Mobile call center must have a sub zero IQ. They can't answer simple questions.

- Pooja

Reliance Mobile SMS takes very long to reach.

- Anshul Ahuja

Reliance is now offering a new scheme where you get 1800 minutes of free talk time. Cancel your old Reliance phone into the sea and subscribe to this one.

- Vinita Manjrekar

Reliance bills never reach on time. I have to run last minute to pay them.

- Mohammed

Reliance Internet plans I have never been able to understand. You pay more than you expect.

- Shreya Kapadia

Reliance World cafes are crowded and people attending to you are very ill informed. They are very half hearted and seem more like they're working for the government.

- Mahendra Dalvi

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