The Various Advantages of Opening a Yahoo Store Online

If you're considering starting an online store to sell products or are already selling products online and need a better way to do business online, a Yahoo store will make it easier for you to sell products online, will help you boost your sales, reduce costs of operation and thereby improve profits. Having a Yahoo store online will also make it easier for you to scale up your business, get more customers and even sell more of your products to the same customers. There are many advantages of having a Yahoo store implemented on your website. The benefits range from having an improved, well designed store to being able to keep track of inventory in real-time, being able to promote your products, process payments and manage orders without having to spend too much of your time on the nitty-gritty of running an online store.

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A professionally designed website

When you have a Yahoo store is a part of your website and make use of the Yahoo merchant solutions, you have the advantage of being able to choose from various design templates that Yahoo offers. Having a professionally designed and impressive website inspires confidence in prospective customers and encourages them to buy from you. At the same time it is difficult to spend thousands of dollars in getting a website designed by a professional. Here you don't have to spend that kind of money and yet can have a professionally designed website that creates an impact on your customers. Web design is included in every plan of Yahoo merchant solutions. The entry-level plan known as the Yahoo merchant starter plan costing $40 per month also comes with free Web design templates.

Manage products with ease

Managing products is a breeze with your Yahoo online store. You can add up to 50,000 products irrespective of the plan that you have opted for within Yahoo merchant solutions. If you plan to sell only a few products you can enter in information by typing into the form online. If you are going to sell hundreds or thousands of products then you can import from an Excel spreadsheet conveniently into your online product catalog. You can do this irrespective of the number of products that you are selling. This makes it easy for you to manage a product catalog and add or delete products as you wish.

Offer discounts, coupon codes and gift certificates

Yahoo merchant solutions also gives you the facility to offer discounts and run promotions whenever you want on any products that you choose. You can also offer gift certificates for sale to your customers. People who are impressed with your products may want to buy these gift certificates for their friends, relatives or employees. This specially opens up the option to sell gift certificates to companies for their workers. Orders from companies for this can be larger than usual. You can also offer discount coupons to attract repeat purchases by existing customers. The amount of flexibility in pricing, discounts and promotions invariably leads to improved sales and enhances the bottom line.

Calculates taxes automatically

Yahoo merchant solutions lets you calculate taxes automatically based on the state in which you are based. Shipping calculations can also be made based on several criteria including the number of products sold, value of the products sold or the destination to which the products are being sent.

Cross sell and upsell to customers

If you opt for the Yahoo merchant standard account you can also cross sell and upsell products to customers. This means if a customer is buying golf clubs, you may also want to offer him golf bags or books on improving his strokes. There is a greater probability of the customer buying this additional product because it is so related to the purchase that he has just made. This will increase your revenue from the same customer.

Payment processing doesn't cost extra

Yahoo store offers you payment processing services. You can accept PayPal on your Yahoo store it you have a PayPal account or you can just sign up for free to do so. While Yahoo merchant solutions does not offer a merchant account you can sign up with First Data, the company that they have a tie up with. You can also use any other merchant account that you want. Being able to process your payments through Yahoo e-commerce solutions may set you don't have to spend extra for payment processing. With a merchant account you can accept all the major credit cards.

Automation of tasks saves time and improves your reputation

The order processing features of Yahoo make it simpler to conduct business on the Internet. You can print invoices and address labels for shipping with the tools that they offer. You can notify our customers automatically when the order has been shipped letting them know when they can expect it to arrive at their doorstep. This sort of responsiveness to customers goes a long way in building relationships and encouraging them to come back and buy again from you. While this would usually be somewhat time-consuming, having a Yahoo store means that most of this is automated and you can be as attentive to your customers as you want to be without having to spend too much of time on this. Coupled with the ability to offer discount coupons and cross sell products, these features will help you build a loyal base of customers that you can depend on to take your business to the next level of success.