How to Sell Products on Yahoo with their Ecommerce Plans and Hosted Shopping Cart Solutions for Merchants

There are many advantages if you decide to sell products on Yahoo. Let's take a look at how selling products online has changed over the last few years with the availability of Yahoo Merchant Solutions.

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Here's how it used to be...

If you plan to sell products online you need a host of features. In the past Internet merchants who wanted to sell products online had to depend on several service providers. This was largely because they needed many different services to be able to sell products online. A shopping cart solution was needed. This could be either bought off the shelf or custom created. If it was bought off the shelf it was usually expensive and you had to pay for upgrades. If you had some software developer create one from scratch for you it was usually full of bugs and also cost a lot of money. Besides once it was paid for you would have to chase the software developer for technical support and incur extra costs doing so. Open source shopping cart solutions often came without technical support or paid technical support. Inventory control was also rather mediocre in many shopping carts solutions. Apart from this you also needed a payment processor and a merchant account. After your entire website was ready you needed a web designer to give it an aesthetic and pleasing look so that it would inspire trust in the people visiting your website and convert them into buyers.

Here's how it is now..

All that has changed now. With Yahoo Merchant Solutions you can sell products while having all the features and facilities at one place. Yahoo offers a shopping cart solution that seamlessly integrates with your website. You can add up to 50,000 products to your database and keep track of inventory in real-time. Adding the product is very simple and you can just import a large list of products from an Excel spreadsheet. Yahoo also serves as a payment processor. You can accept PayPal through Yahoo if you have a PayPal account. Almost any merchant account is compatible with Yahoo and if you don't have one you can easily sign up with first data, the company they have a tie up with.  Yahoo provides the entire technical solution to help you set up your business online and sell products using their e-commerce solutions. You don't have to worry about upgrading your shopping cart solution or the server your website is hosted on. The shopping cart solution offered by Yahoo is very contemporary and feature packed.

There are many third-party tools that Yahoo offers with which you can build your website. You no longer have to depend on a web designer and spent thousands of dollars to make your site appear impressive and sell products online. Choose from the hundreds of web design templates that Yahoo offers and your website will leave as much of an impact as the largest of e-commerce websites on the Internet. If you opt for the Yahoo merchant standard plan or the Yahoo merchant professional plan you can also take advantage of their cross-selling features. With this you can sell related products on your Yahoo store to the same customer. When a customer is already making a purchase it is easier to sell him a related product. For instance if your customer is buying golf clubs, you could offer a golf bag with some discount to entice him to make a purchase. The likelihood of him making the purchase increases substantially as he's already making a related purchase.

When you sell products on Yahoo you're also able to offer discount coupons and gift certificates to your customers. Discount coupons are very important marketing weapon in attracting new customers. They also help in getting repeat customers. Additionally Yahoo provides you with a lot of information about the visitors to reach your website. You know exactly how they found your website, the keywords they used in the search engines they came through. This can be immensely useful when you're planning an advertising campaign. It is believed in advertising that half of the money spent is wasted and the important part is figuring out which half is going down the drain. When you sell products on Yahoo, they provide you all the tools that can help you determine exactly which advertising is working for you and this way you can increase your advertising and increase your profits at a much higher rate. There are more than 40 reports and graphs that will show you sales on your website, unique visitors, page views, reffering websites and keywords etc. Some of the features that you have access to, when you sell products on Yahoo, are by themselves worth a lot of money although they are free to you.

Yahoo has several fraud protection methods that help you keep out fraudulent customers. Yahoo Merchant Solutions are compliant with visa security procedures. Yahoo uses 128 bit encryption technology with secure socket layer to shield transactions. There are also fraud control measures for credit card verification to protect the merchants who sell products on Yahoo. Your domain name is locked so that it cannot be transferred away by unscrupulous elements without your consent. When you sell products on Yahoo they provide you with unlimited disk space and up to 1000 e-mail accounts that you can use for your website. They also protect you against spam and viruses using SpamGuard Plus protection and Norton antivirus. You can integrate Yahoo Merchant Solutions with QuickBooks, OrderMotion, UPS Online TOols, Chase Paymenttech and Stone Edge Order Manager. You can calculate shipping using various carriers like FedEx, UPS and USPS. You can configure shipping by weight, price, location etc. You can offer shipping to international destinations and also use online tools by UPS. You can set the tax rates by country, state or zip code. The tax and shipping fees can be calculated automatically during the checkout process.

The technical support from Yahoo is unmatched by most other companies. Yahoo offers 24/7 support via e-mail and toll-free phone support. At any stage you have a query or need something fixed all you need to do is send an e-mail to yahoo technical support or call them on their toll-free number. Whenever we have interacted with the technical support team of Yahoo, we have found them to be very knowledgeable and helpful.

You get a free domain name when you sign up with Yahoo. One of the biggest advantages when you sign up to sell products on Yahoo is that a lot of your marketing is already taken care of. You have many advantages in marketing your website with Yahoo Merchant Solutions. Yahoo gives you $100 in free credit with Yahoo search marketing when you sign up for any of their merchant solution plans. You also get a
$50 credit with Google AdWords that you can use advertise on Google. Additionally you receive $50 in free traffic from Shopzilla and a free trial on that is worth $50. Yahoo also gives you 20% off on Yahoo shopping listings and a free Yahoo local listing. Your website is submitted automatically to Yahoo and Google. With Yahoo Merchant Solutions you can be sure that your website is search engine friendly in architecture and will be indexed quickly by the search engines.