Tricast or Trifecta Betting in Horse Racing

Tricast or Trifecta betting involves predicting the horses which will end up at 1st, second and third place, in the right order. This bet is usually a very long-odds bet where the possiblity of winning is usually much lesser. In the event of winning a bet, sometimes the payoff can be as much as 1:500. If you get $10, you may end up with a $5,000 win. This is especially the case when your selections are not favored and there is an upset, proving you right.

Bookmakers like Ladbrokes accept horse racing tricast bets on all 'Handicap', 'Nursery' and 'Rated Stakes Handicap' races as long as 6 or more horses are participating in the race and atleast 4 or more run. Ladbrokes also accepts Greyhound Tricast bets on all races, as long as five or more greyhounds run in the race. You can bet at Ladbrokes if you're from Europe or anywhere else in the world where it is legal to bet online. It is currently not legal for Indians to do so.

There are some rules about Tricasts. If less than 4 runners are part of the race, the bet is considered a Computer Straight Forecast and only the first and the secod selection is taken into account. The third selection is ignored. This means that if your selections for the first and second were right, you win the bet for Computer Straight Forecast. In case, no Tricast is declared for the event, then the bet is settled as a Combination Computer Straight Forecast. This means that if you predicted the first place and the second place winner (in any order) you won the bet.Your total stake is proportioned accordingly. In case one of the three selections does not run, the tricast bet is settled as a computer straight forecast, taking into account the other two selections. If two selections don't run, the bet is void and your money is refunded.

In case of an unlikely scenario where less than 3 runners finish the race, a tricast return is declared based on the runners finishing the race. As mentioned, Tricast is a very long odds bet. It would be prudent to bet only very small amounts on it.
The possiblity of winning is usually low except for those very experienced or fortunate. Nevertheless those who do win, usually get a huge payoff. This is particularly the case when there are several horses in a race and you're betting a Tricast on those that are least favored by the punters.