Craps Pass Line Bets Explained - Easy to Understand with Examples

Craps is a game that, at first sight, seems complicated to many people. In reality it is quite simple to play. It is also a very exciting and involving game as you can judge by looking at the people crowding around the craps table in any casino. Craps is played with two dice. The numbers that can be rolled are 2 to 12. All the bets in craps depend on the roll of the dice. Several players place their bets on the roll of the dice. It is faster than a round of poker would be but usually slower than a game like Blackjack because several rolls of the dice are involved before the game comes to an end and the winners and losers are decided.

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There are various types of bets in craps. In every type of bet your betting money on the person who's rolling the dice and you're winning or losing depends on the number that is rolled. You're not competing with the person who's rolling the dice. You're just hoping that he rolls the number you're looking for. When he does that, everyone at the craps table wins, except the house (the casino).

Let's look at the basic craps bet known as the Pass Line bet

The Pass Line bet involves a series of rolls of the dice. This means that the person rolling the dice will have to roll it multiple times before you can win or lose. The person rolling the dice is known as the shooter and the first roll in this series of is known as the Come-out roll.

The Come-out roll

In the come-out roll - which is the first roll of the dice by the shooter - if he rolls 7 or 11, everyone at the craps table automatically wins and the series concludes. This is considered a one roll series. If the shooter rolls 2, 3 or 12, all Pass Line bets lose and the series concludes. This is also known as a one roll series. If the shooter rolls any other number (Other than 7, 11, 2, 3 or 12), this number is determined as the shooter’s ‘Point’.

Now the shooter has to roll the same number again. If he succeeds in doing so, all Pass Line bets win and the series concludes. If instead, he rolls a 7, all Pass Line bets lose and the series concludes. If he rolls any other number, nothing happens and he has to roll again until he rolls either the ‘Point’ or 7 to conclude the series. If he rolls a ‘7’ and everyone loses, it is called a ‘seven out’.

This is what basic betting on craps is. The advantage in playing craps is that the odds you get are generally much better than the odds in a game like roulette because the house edge in craps is much lower at about 1.44 %.

To illustrate craps with an example:

The shooter throws the come-out roll and rolls a 6.

Now this is neither a 7 nor 11. So the Pass Line bets do not win automatically.
It is not 2,3 or 12. If this were the case then the Pass Line bets would have lost automatically.

So the number 6 is considered the shooter's point. Now, in order for the Pass Line bets to win he has to roll six again. He can roll as many times as he wants but if he rolls a 7, then the Pass Line bets lose and the series concludes. If he succeeds in rolling a 6 before he rolls a 7, the pass line bets win and everyone gets their winnings.

The reason we refer to several people betting is because many people at the craps table bet simultaneously on the roll of the dice by the shooter.

Since there are multiple people playing and betting on the roll of the dice, every person gets the opportunity to become the shooter and roll the dice. This takes place turn by turn and moves in a clockwise or an anti-clockwise direction. The same person continues to remain the shooter until he has ‘seven-out‘. Irrespective of the number of times a person
rolls out come-out 7 or 11 or rolls craps - come out 2, 3 or 12 or rolls a point, he remains the shooter until he has seven-out. After this the opportunity to become the shooter passes to the next person either on his left or right. If it is your turn to become the shooter you can choose to pass if you want to. This is not recommended however because it is interesting to roll the dice as the shooter. Some etiquette is important though. When you roll the dice use only one hand. This is to prevent people from thinking that you may be switching the dice. If you need to buy chips place your money down in front of the dealer. Do not try to give him money in his hand directly. Ensure that the shooter is not in the midst of rolling the dice when you're placing your bet.

There are many websites online that offer craps. It's a very interesting experience playing craps online from the comfort of your home. You don't need to travel to Las Vegas or even go to the casino in your city. There are excellent visual effects when playing craps on online websites. Many players from Europe, Australia and New Zealand log on to play craps everyday. In countries such as USA and India, playing craps online is not legal. You can however play without betting real money.    The Pass Line bet is the most popular bet in craps online.