Rules for Playing Bingo in Virtual Bingo Halls Online

Bingo is played by people of all ages, from little kids and teens to the middle-aged and old. It provides entertainment to millions of people worldwide every day. Bingo is often an activity much look forward to at social get-togethers in many countries. Today with the advent of the Internet, bingo is played at several online websites. These virtual bingo halls are far more attractive because the prize money is very huge. It's not uncommon to find winners making hundreds to thousands of dollars. Many players log on every day to play bingo. It’s a routine with them.

At Bet365 for example, every 5 minutes there's a new Bingo game. You can play Bingo for free every Sunday and each game is worth a guaranteed £50.

There are many bingo gaming rooms on the Internet that you can choose from. You can either play for fun or play for fun and money both. Most virtual bingo halls on the Internet have a chat area where the players participating in the bingo game are also able to chat with each other. This makes the experience of online bingo very much similar to that of off-line bingo rooms.

Playing bingo online in a virtual bingo hall requires one to register at the Internet bingo website. After this you have to buy the bingo cards for the game to be held. Each bingo card comprises of five rows and five columns. The square in the center of the bingo card is blank. Bingo players are allowed to buy more than one bingo card at a time. If you play with multiple cards you increase the chance of winning in the game. Playing with multiple bingo cards requires one to be more attentive because numbers on each card has to be checked. Most virtual bingo rooms mark the cards on their own and you can see which tickets are close to winning in the game.

The numbers are called in a random manner usually from 1 to 75. This works differently for playing 90 ball bingo where the numbers are between one and 90. All the numbers that have been called are listed are displayed for the players to see. The objective in bingo is to form a pre-specified pattern of numbers. The first person who's able to form this calls out bingo and is declared the winner. If more than one person calls out bingo at the same time that the prize is shared between the winners.

When you play online bingo, you play either straight bingo or point bingo. In case of a straight bingo game, you're expected to form a sequence of five numbers. This sequence can be horizontal, vertical or diagonal. In case of point bingo the players compete with each other to create a sequence that has the maximum number of points. The points are displayed at the bottom of each number on the bingo cards. The players are expected to mark a full row with five numbers to claim bingo and the person making 1000 points first is declared the winner.

There are some combinations that get extra points in bingo. If a sequence passes through the blank square or is made with two rows it gets double points. A player who is able to make bingo with two rows going into different directions is able to claim double bingo. The total of both the rows are added up and do this and extra hundred points are added for the final score of this person. Playing bingo online is interesting and quite a lot of fun. Many virtual bingo halls have players who drop by every day from every part of the world including UK, Australia, New Zealand and various parts of Europe. Some players also develop rapport with each other much like in bingo halls offline.